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Embrace of the Shade 3D Print.png
Blood of the Key 3D Print.png

The Berylian Key

Unraveling of the Soul 3D Print.png

A Rebel's Crucible

Ashes of the Rahn'Ka 3D Print.png
Pursuit of the Hawk 3D Print.png
Heart of the Wolf 3D Print.png
Rise of the Renegades 3D Print.png

Shadowed Kings

Sisters of the Frozen Veil 3D Print.png
Wings of the Eternal War 3D Print.png
Axiom of the Queens Arrow 3D Print.png
Berylian Key 3D Box Set-new cover.png
A Rebel's Crucible 3D Box Set.png

The Vanguard Legacy

DotSP - 3D Place Holder.png
FotDF 3D Black Cover copy.png
OotS 3D Black Cover copy.png


Dawn of the Thieves 3D Ebook copy.png
Shadowed Kings 3D Box Set.png

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