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Part 3 of A Rebel's Crucible

**WARNING** May contain spoilers.

Jarrod wanted a connection to his wolf, but the wolf wanted more.


After Corin is arrested for treason, Jarrod rushes to the mainland hoping to save his beloved from the inevitable noose. He returns to Mirage, seeking help from the Ashen Hawks. But it may not be enough, and his true power lies much deeper within himself.


Back in the Ashen Hawks’ headquarters, Damien notices the bond he created between Jarrod and their wolf companion could be mutating. While trying to find his brother, he faces the consequences of his desertion, which reach farther than he thought.


Holding dire news from Mirage, Rae sets off on her own journey, intent on sparing Damien’s parents from an undeserved fate. 


The future of Helgath hangs in the balance, civil wars erupting under a corrupt king. Bonds stretch to their limits, and when they fail, blood will spill.

Heart of the Wolf is Part 3 of A Rebel’s Crucible and Book 6 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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