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Prequel Novella

Silas isn’t just a thief. He’s the best in Veralian. But he’s not the city’s biggest problem.  


As the leader of the Ashen Hawks, Silas has to keep a clear head, even when his younger sister gives him a piece of her mind. But even with her warning, he can’t resist helping a beautiful prisoner escape the city’s barracks, not realizing she’s the prize he was searching for.


Lucca uses trinkets to see glimpses of the past under the military’s cruel control. When an emotionally damaged, yet annoyingly handsome thief gives her an opportunity to start over, she sets her focus on saving him from a danger neither of them saw coming.


When the truth of Helgath’s experimentation is exposed, it will either destroy the Hawks or force them to rise above and become the corrupted country’s most notorious criminal guild.

Dawn of the Thieves is a prequel novella in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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