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Part 3 of The Vanguard Legacy

Coming November 9, 2023.

Six roles. Six fates. One chance. 


While Kin adjusts to life as king, Amarie takes on a mission with their allies to find answers to their most pressing questions. The journey takes them to Aidensar, where Amarie faces painful memories of her past with the hope of finding a woman whose knowledge could change everything. But only if they find her before Uriel does.


When Eralas seeks aid from Helgath under vague circumstances, Rae sets off for the auer homeland, intent on learning more about the threat. But when calamity strikes, she makes a dangerous choice, putting her life at risk even if it means breaking a vow.


As chaos unfurls, victory is within reach. All the pieces of the puzzle are now together, and the final hour has come. Banishing Uriel from their realm is the most daunting task any of them have ever faced, but if they fail… Pantracia itself could shatter.


Oath of the Six is Part 3 of The Vanguard Legacy and Book 13 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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