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Part 3 of Shadowed Kings

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**WARNING** May contain spoilers.

The king still breathes, but he is not the king…


Trapped for two decades and forced to witness his life pass before his eyes with cruel clarity, Matthias suffers. His sanity wanes, confusion clouding his mind to help him cope with the torment. The king’s only chance for regaining control lies beneath the ground, but no one knows how to find her.


Unexpected guests visit Liam and Dani’s mountainside home. The former crown elites struggle to trust Damien and Rae, but they may be the last hope to find Katrin and free Matthias. They know more about Uriel than anyone else, but all gifts—even those of knowledge—come at a cost.


Ending Uriel’s twenty-year reign over Isalica could set a cascade of events into motion, causing destruction beyond what any of them have witnessed before. But Damien needs the final piece of his puzzle. 


An abandoned host.


But only if the king survives.

Axiom of the Queen’s Arrow is Part 3 of Shadowed Kings and Book 10 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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