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Part 2 of The Vanguard Legacy

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The prison waits while shadows hunt.


After learning of their daughter’s location in Ziona, Amarie and Kin struggle to abide by the political rules of court. Danger looms around every corner, but without the Art they once had, they are left powerless against the monsters hunting their child. 


Deep in the throes of grief, Ahria wreaks havoc with her newfound abilities. With only each other to trust, she and Conrad make a desperate plan to flee Ziona—unaware that those coming for her are her only hope of understanding the power now lurking in her veins.


As the leaders of three major nations come together, the future of Pantracia hangs on a precipice. With old allies returning to the quest to save their world, the stakes soar higher than ever as time runs out in a deadly game of secrets and lies.

Fate of the Dae’Fuirei is Part 2 of The Vanguard Legacy and Book 12 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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