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Part 1 of The Vanguard Legacy

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As long as the Key sleeps, her daughter is free.


Ahria left home in search of her missing father, putting all the skills he taught her to the test. But when she stows away on a ship with her sailor boyfriend’s help—and gets caught—she ends up at the captain’s mercy.


Conrad’s love has always belonged to the sea, yet when Ahria is found on his ship and brought before him, an ember in his heart warms. But with the presence of another man and a quest that will take her far from a life at sea, getting close could be a mistake. 


After Ahria has a slip of the tongue, a rival ship corners them, causing problems she can only guess at. In a drastic play, she tries to right her wrong, leaving both Conrad and her boyfriend scrambling to get her back.

Daughter of the Stolen Prince is Part 1 of The Vanguard Legacy and Book 11 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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