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Part 1 of Shadowed Kings

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They are sisters… not by blood, but by magic, and they will change the tides of war.


With the unexpected company of a temple acolyte, Isalican Crown Prince Matthias Rayeht arrives at the contested border of Feyor while posing as one of his own guards. An assassination attempt interrupts their first night, which escalates into a full-blown battle. And Feyor sent more than just their dire wolves.


Katrin thought she understood war. But when she’s thrown into the chaos, she gains a whole new vision of the bloodshed. A vision so unlike the one that led her to follow a handsome royal guard. Danger thrusts her into the woods alone, where she finds an enemy in the frozen night.


Dani is a warrior. A Dtrüa. A shapeshifter created by Feyor. But with the battle underway… her leash may snap.


Desperate to avoid war, enemies must overcome their prejudice to see the truth. And the truth, hiding behind a veil of lies, could change everything.


Sisters of the Frozen Veil is Part 1 of Shadowed Kings and Book 8 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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