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Part 2 of A Rebel's Crucible

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**WARNING** May contain spoilers.

They wanted him… until they saw her power.


Now Rae’s trapped without her magic, locked in a cell bound for Helgath. With no sign of rescue, hope dwindles the farther they take her from Damien.


Discovering Jarrod on the brink of death, Damien travels between worlds to find out what happened to Rae. Betrayal jars him off course, putting his life in the hands of the thief he’d sworn to despise. Damien must confront his fears, returning to Helgath with unexpected allies. 


Weaving bonds thicker than blood, Damien and Jarrod must overcome prejudice to face what awaits them. If they don’t face it together, they’ll lose Rae forever to a fate neither of them could have ever predicted.

Pursuit of the Hawk is Part 2 of A Rebel’s Crucible and Book 5 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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