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Part 2 of Shadowed Kings

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**WARNING** May contain spoilers.

Cinders rain when a kingdom falls.


After the battle, grief consumes Matthias, blinding him to the wickedness that has invaded his healer. He sends Merissa to Nema’s Throne, unaware of the danger she poses to his home and capital city.


An unexpected loss dissolves Katrin’s strength, and being near Matthias only makes it worse. She abandons the encampment, severing all the bonds she’d created there, and leaves her prince in the dark. 


Gaining a new role with her official pardon, Dani should be over the moon. But with her friendships strained and relationship with Liam on a precipice, all she wants is peace. Yet, when an old friend lets her know what Feyor now seeks, she realizes peace may be impossible.


All must work together to prevent Feyor from obtaining their deadliest weapon yet, if they still exist... Dragons. With a breath of fire, they could raze Isalica, unless the prince finds them first. 

Wings of the Eternal War is Part 2 of Shadowed Kings and Book 9 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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