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Part 4 of a Rebel's Crucible

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**WARNING** May contain spoilers.

Wicked kings must fall.


Returning from spending time with a friend, Rae tries to reconnect with a preoccupied Damien to no avail. After an important discovery about her heritage, the rift between them expands when she cannot confide in him. She finds an alternative confidant in the sanctum guardian, but their budding friendship isn’t enough to keep Rae from questioning her purpose.


As Jarrod and Corin tackle the daunting task of swaying the Dannet families in favor of House Martox, they endure a gruesome attempt on the proxiet’s life. The death of one of their own fuels Jarrod’s rage, testing the wolven bond. But the Rahn’ka is nowhere near if something goes wrong.


Drawn into researching Uriel, Damien struggles to find balance between his promise to Kin, his relationship with Rae, and his responsibility to Jarrod. Feeling like he’s failing fate, he makes a drastic decision when the Shade’s condition unexpectedly worsens.


With the threat of war looming, their every decision could make the difference between defeating House Iedrus or letting the tyrannical king destroy Helgath through uncontested rule. While they drift apart, a stark truth prevails. Only together will they rise.

Rise of the Renegades is Part 4 of A Rebel’s Crucible and Book 7 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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