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Part 1 of Shadowed Kings


Become sisters, bonded by the wild, to change the tides of war.


The visit of Isalica’s crown prince at the Yandarin Temple disrupts Katrin’s studies. When a fire throws them all into chaos, she helps Matthias, a handsome, yet infuriating royal guard. The deed grants her the opportunity to accompany them to the contested border where her brother, Liam, is stationed. Leaving the safety of the temple could jeopardize her progress towards becoming a priestess, but the greater danger is one she doesn’t see coming.


With the unexpected company of an intriguing acolyte, Crown Prince Matthias Rayeht arrives at the border while posing as one of his own guards. An assassination attempt interrupts their first night at the military encampment, which escalates into a full-blown battle. Matthias races to keep his own safe, resorting to using his unparalleled Art, while facing the threat of Feyor’s soldiers and dire wolves.


Dani’s training as a Dtrüa is finally being put to the test. The success of Feyor’s attack on the border hinges on her and her lover’s ability to open the gates. After spying for months on the Isalican troops, the blind shapeshifter’s fears materialize in the scents and sounds of death. She flees into the solace of the woods, injured, and dares to trust a healer who should be her enemy.


Desperate to avoid war, enemies must overcome their prejudice to see the truth. And the truth, hiding behind a veil of lies, could change everything.

Sisters of the Frozen Veil is Part 1 of Shadowed Kings and Book 8 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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