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Part 3 of a Rebel's Crucible

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**WARNING** May contain spoilers.

Rage stokes the embers of madness, igniting the beast within.


After Corin is arrested for treason, Jarrod rushes to the mainland in the hopes of saving his beloved from the inevitable noose. He returns to Mirage, seeking the help of the Ashen Hawks and Sarth, who finally learns the truth about Jarrod’s lineage. He must embrace the destiny of his blood or risk losing everything he holds dear.


Damien swore he’d never again leave Rae’s side, but she encourages him to go to aid his brother. He accompanies Jarrod to the guild headquarters and notices the bond he created between Jarrod and Neco could be mutating. While trying to locate his brother, he faces the consequences of his desertion, fearing the rest of his family will be next to the gallows.


Night terrors plague Rae’s sleep and she seeks solace in Maith. Her freedom still months away, she asks for his help in convincing Kynis and the council to let her leave Eralas early. After receiving news from Mirage, she sets off on her own journey, intent on sparing Damien’s parents from an undeserved fate.


The future of Helgath hangs in the balance, internal wars waging in the wake of corruption. Bonds are tested to the brink and when they fail, blood will be drawn.


Heart of the Wolf is Part 3 of A Rebel’s Crucible and Book 6 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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