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Part 2 of a Rebel's Crucible

**WARNING** May contain spoilers.

As the water rises, chaos threatens to destroy even the most devoted.


Left to watch the sky fade to black, Jarrod’s consciousness tumbles to the Inbetween, reliving moments of his life imprinted on his soul. He must trust Damien when the illusion collapses, holding his breath in the wake of the Rahn’ka’s power, or risk being trapped forever.


Waking to find Rae gone, Damien discovers Jarrod on the brink of death and works his power in unique ways to learn his lover’s fate. Betrayal jars him off course, putting his life in the hands of the thief he’d sworn to despise. Damien is forced to confront his fears, returning to Helgath with an unexpected ally at his side. 


After witnessing Jarrod’s death, Rae is captured by Sergeant Rynalds. Hope dwindles the farther she is taken from Damien, with no sign of rescue. Her sole hope reveals itself from the shadows, leaving behind paw prints to remind her she isn’t alone.


Weaving bonds thicker than blood, each must overcome prejudice to garner the strength to survive.


Pursuit of the Hawk is Part 2 of A Rebel’s Crucible and Book 5 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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