Part 1 of A Rebel's Crucible

Redemption chases those who dare to forge a new path.


Damien deserted the Helgathian military with little hope for survival, hiding under the guise of Bastian. Hired as a sellsword by Rae, a gorgeous thief, he naively fails to realize she plans to collect the bounty on his head. After an ancient power chooses him as the next Rahn’ka, the side effects force him to rely on Rae’s help or risk losing his sanity.


Reeling from a loss, Rae abandoned her position within the notorious criminal guild, the Ashen Hawks, to seek solace in a quiet town. Unexpectedly interrupted by an easy mark, she dares getting to know Bastian before claiming her prize. Despite his lies, her trust in him grows, eliciting a war between her priorities.


As their fates entwine, Damien and Rae overcome trials of the Art and haunted pasts. Rae’s choice regarding Damien’s fate could grant Pantracia’s most tyrannical country the power of the Rahn’ka, if madness doesn’t claim him first.


Ashes of the Rahn’ka is Part 1 of A Rebel’s Crucible and Book 4 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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