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© Kayla Mansur & Amanda Muratoff 2018

Part 3 of the Berylian Key Trilogy

**WARNING** May contain spoilers.


A soul can be broken into fragments, but giving them away could cause the rest to unravel.


While continuing the ruse of Amarie’s death, Kin suffers at the hands of his master. The path his life must take becomes clear when his mother’s life is jeopardized. Ridding himself of the corrupt power in his veins is the only choice he can make. It is no minor task, but he can’t let Uriel continue to use him and gain the throne of Feyor.


Confined to restrictive quarters, Talon has nothing to do but dwell on the circumstances of his life and recent actions. Brought before the Elder’s Council and isolated from Amarie, he stands accused of crimes, both old and new. He must face the consequences of bringing her to Eralas, and defying his banishment.


After throwing herself to the mercy of the auer, intent on sparing Talon a horrendous fate, Amarie fears nothing can change the outcome of his sentence. In a drastic act, she bargains with the greatest leverage she has and hopes she isn’t too late.


Desperation fuels life-altering decisions, placing the future of Pantracia in grave danger.  If those who seek to protect it fail... the kingdoms, and life as they know it, will fall to ash and shadow.


Unraveling of the Soul is Part 3 in The Berylian Key trilogy, and Book 3 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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