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Part 2 of the Berylian Key Trilogy

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**WARNING** May contain spoilers.

Even a stone can bleed.


Fleeing Kin, Amarie finds unexpected company with his old friend Talon and her trust in the mysterious auer only grows after a dangerous grygurr encounter. She uses Talon’s past with Kin to learn more about the Shade’s true intentions and the creature he calls Master.


After Alana’s attempt to remind Kin of his priorities, he struggles between his sworn duty and the desire of his heart while in pursuit of Amarie. He must choose to remain loyal to the man who gave him power or tell her the truth and face the consequences.


The journey takes them all to Aidensar, where much more is at stake than Kin and Amarie’s future together. New enemies and allies shake reality, shoving everyone towards the precipice of disaster.

Blood of the Key is Book 2 in The Berylian Key trilogy, and Book 2 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

Editorial Reviews

"Powerful and enriching from the opening scenes right through to the end, fans of fantasy, epic worlds, and paranormal romances will find all that they seek in the works of author duo Amanda Muratoff and Kayla Mansur. The novel confronts its readers with a double sense of sheer quality coming from both the stellar worldbuilding of the fantasy realms, their lores and practices, but also from the central relationship and character development of Kin and Amarie. Neither loses face to the other as this becomes a story of both relationships and the wider world, where secrets of origin have been uncovered, and the fallout and further discoveries fuel a fantastic plotline with plenty of action and thrills. Overall, Blood of the Key overcomes the common pitfalls of many second novels to produce a highly recommended, high-quality fantasy read for adult fans." 

K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite, ★★★★★

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