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Unfathomable power can consume one’s morality and fan the flames of destruction. Within those embers, sometimes a tainted soul is reforged into that of a hero.


Kin expected this task to be like all the rest, but the Berylian Key shard has proven exceptionally difficult to find. He enters the Great Library of Capul intent on stealing a rare text that could aid him in his quest. Failure in completing his sworn duty holds greater risk than any prison. But Kin has never been one to pass up an opportunity to make his work easier, and when he meets a fellow thief, Amarie, he sees a chance to benefit off her.


If Amarie had known Kin pursued the same shard, she would have reconsidered the partnership in the library. The spark that ignites between them after a daring escape weakens her resolve to stay focused, in spite of the looming danger if he discovers the truth.


Kin struggles between his growing affection for Amarie and the darkness threatening to swallow him whole. He never saw another path for his life before meeting her, but she could change everything.


Amidst secrets and questionable pasts, Amarie and Kin’s fates continuously collide, but for a purpose neither can predict.


Embrace of the Shade is Book 1 in The Berylian Key trilogy, and Book 1 in the Pantracia Chronicles.

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